literally just made this, this afternoon for me and my roommate.  I had to post it right away!  I found it on pinterest (of course) it was listed as a bacon and guacamole grilled cheese.  If you are in the mood for grilled cheese it’s not really that.  I found it to be just a delicious panini!

For this recipe, you need guacamole, which is a perfect time for me to share the easiest guacamole EVER.  It is cheating, but it’s so good I don’t care.  You need two avocados and a pack of Guacamole mix which I got at D’agastino’s.

This is seriously SO good, I used to make homeade guac all the time – but this is just too easy, and I think I even love the way it tastes more!

Sourdough loaf, cut into slices – this is what REALLY makes the sandwich, is some delicious bread.
2-3 slices of cooked bacon for each sandwich you are making
2-3 slices of your favorite cheese – I used cheddar
A handful of crushed tortilla chips (so yummy)


Fry up the bacon, while you are waiting for it to cook, simply whip up your guacamole – if you use a packet like I did it will take no more than 2 minutes!

Butter one side of each piece of bread, put in pan butter side down. Put on a slice of cheese or two to cover the bread, a heaping spoonful of guac, bacon, and crushed tortilla chips, top with another slice of cheese and 2nd piece of bread butter side up.

I don’t ever turn on the heat on the pan until everything is loaded up, in case i’m moving slow – I don’t want the bread to get burnt!

When the bottom piece is toasty enough, flip over!

NOTE: I originally was worried the cheese would not melt because the bread was so thick, but it DID.  I just had to flip the sandwich a few times to make sure it was heated through.

This was such an out of the ordinary, filling, yummy lunchtime meal for me!